The Story of Olivia

Olivia was never someone who could sit still and know the world through books and tales of sailors, knowing there is so much more to see, smell, taste and feel of the world out there first-hand for herself. Since young, whenever Olivia would have the chance to go to the cities or ports in a posh carriage, the different peoples, language, cultures and food would captivate her and stir her desire for greater knowledge, new discoveries and possibilities – ‘Home’ had to be bigger than one with a roof.

As Olivia sails from one sea to another, she learned to see the world in a different shade; but no experience would impact her more than that of the cuisines of each country – from the vibrancy of Mediterranean cuisines, to the deep spices of Indian, and the gentle balance of the Oriental.

At Olivia & Co., the intrepid traveller brings these experiences from different territories across the globe and tells her tales from a plate.

Pasta Vista
Wrap your head around this: the first recorded reports of people eating pasta actually came from China, not Italy!

Accidental Chocolate Chips Cookies
Chocolate chip cookies were made accidentally when in 1930, Ruth Wakefield tried to mix pieces of chocolate into her dough when she ran out of chocolate for her cookies!

For the Love of Bread
Did you know that bread was so important to the Egyptians that it was once used as a type of currency?

First... it was a trip to 9D8N trip to Spain. Second... a Hawaiian by-the-beach experience at Ola Beach Club next... well, stay tuned to find out!!!

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Olivia’s Noticeboard


All-day Breakfast
Classic Scrambled EggsEnglish-style scrambled eggs, side of bacon, toasted muffins 12
Benny EggsTwo poached country eggs, Parma ham, sautéed spinach, toasted muffins, homemade Hollandaise sauce 15
Olivia Sticky Date Pancakes4 stacks of homemade sticky date pancakes, warm caramel peanut butter sauce, freshly sliced bananas, vanilla bean ice cream 12
Mexican Chilli EggsChilli-seasoned scrambled eggs, smashed avocado, toasted muffins 15
Full EnglishEggs in any way, bacon, mushrooms, tomato baked beans, toasted muffins, grilled pork sausage, homemade bubble & squeak 25
The RoyaleNorwegian smoked salmon, asparagus, two poached eggs, dill Hollandaise sauce, toasted muffins 16
Cinnamon French ToastGolden brown toast, fresh eggs & melted butter, mixed berries, vanilla crème fraiche, maple syrup 12
Honey GranolaHome-made granola, roasted & candied hazelnuts, almonds, pistachios, fresh natural yoghurt, berry compote 10
Add on Sides
Smoke Salmon 7
Toasted Muffins 4
Small Side Garden Salad & Avocado 8
Smashed Avocado 6
Seared Asian Green(sesame-ginger dressing, toasted peanuts) 8
Roasted Garlic Tomatoes 8
Wild Mushrooms 5
Grilled Sausage 6
Parma Ham 7
PeachesPeach salad, feta cheese, vibrant leafy greens, almond seeds, basil, balsamic vinegar, honey 12
The SwedeScandinavia meets Asia. Smoked salmon, sweet & fresh apple salad, mixed in a zingy wasabi vinaigrette 18
GooteeGrilled seasoned gost cheese, fresh assortment of greens, beetroot, walnuts, apple-ginger vinaigrette 16
Soup Of The DayAsk any of the staff and they will fill you in on what’s cooking 8
Squashed AvocadoSmashed avocado, quinoa, Danish feta, currant, fresh herbs, well mixed salad 17
KyotoSoba salad, pan fried & miso-glazed salmon, sliced water chestnuts, cucumber, herbs, enoki mushrooms, spring onions, sesame soy dressing 18
Small Plates & Sharing
Olivia Sliders Board3 brioche sliders: 1 soft shell crab slider, 1 homemade beef slider and 1 porkbelly slider with Asian slaw 18
Veggie FrittersSalted zucchinis & corn fritters seasoned with fresh herbs served with sweet chilli salsa 14
Coggee Salt & Pepper SquidTender pacific squid tossed in a light salt & pepper seasoning 12
Hanoi WingsMarinated in fish sauce, lime juice, and garlic 9 (6pcs)
16 (12pcs)
Seoul WingsFlavoured with homemade kimchi 9 (6pcs)
16 (12pcs)
Louisiana WingsWith a big bite of Portuguese spice 9 (6pcs)
16 (12pcs)
Tokyo WingsTossed in sweet teriyaki marinade 9 (6pcs)
16 (12pcs)
Bangkok WingsSweet chilli spiced just right 9 (6pcs)
16 (12pcs)
Burgers & Sandwiches
The CheesesSavor the robust flavor of our signature, juicy patty, accompanied by fresh pickles, lettuce, grilled onions and stripy Jack in the other. This signature sandwich burger will keep you hooked with its bold flavour. Comes with fries 23
Ginza BurgerSalmon korokke seasoned with miso, soy & fresh spring onion, wasabi mayo, teriyaki green, side of sweet potato fries 20
Boston BurgerFried bacon, juicy beef burger patty, melted Brie cheese, habanero jam, side of rosemary fries. 18
Austin Melt Sandwich8h braised melted short rib and caramelized onions mashed into a savoury clutter served in butter-toasted brioche with melted cheddar cheese. Great for take away! 23
Kimmel BurgerChicken breast, ‘gochujang’ mayo, tangy kimchi, pickled cucumber, Olivia’s signature brioche, side of fries 19
Banh MeanieHoisin marinated pulled porj, homemade roll, pickled carrots & carrots, blanched beans, cucumber, fresh basil, coriander, creamy jalapeño aioli, side of fries 17
Quayside Soft-Shell Crab BurgerTempura soft-shell crab burger, buttered brioche, sesame slaw, coriander, spring onion, jalapeño mayonnaise, side of sweet potato fries 23
Green BurgerA must-try for all vege lovers! Mashed zucchini & corn patty with sweet chilli salsa and a side of nutritious avocado wasabi salad 14
Southern Striploin150gm of striploin, chargrilled to preference, side of house-seasoned frites, homemade béarnaise sauce 19
Pescatore “Fisherman” PastaFresh squid, lovelymussels, sweet & succulent prawns tossed together with al dente spaghetti in olive oil made superbly aromatic with sautéed garlic chips and chilli spice 22
Crispy BarramundiSeared barramundi, French antiboise sauce, sautéed spinach, mashed potato 24
Spring Chicken‘Half spatchcock’ served with a zingy wasabi parmesan potato mash, pot-roasted gravy and fresh sesame greens 14
Asian Pork BellyGrilled caramelised pork belly, papaya and lime salad, peanuts 23
Florentine CarbonaraAl dente pasta, smoky Pancetta, country egg yolk, shavings of Grana Padano cheese, truffle oil 18
Spaghetti & ShroomsFresh shiitake mushrooms, truffle oil al dente spaghetti, Parmesan slices 14
Sweet Potato Fries 10
Rosemary Fries 8
Truffle Fries 14
Kids Plate
Cheese Burger and Fries 10
Grilled Ham and Cheese Toasty 10
Hot Dog and Fries 10
The Krispy LuxToasted marshmallows, rice crispies, hot chocolate sauce, vanilla bean ice cream, rich caramel sauce, Olivia’s waffles 12
Nanny NutellaCaramelised bananas, warm nutella sauce, candied hazelnuts, mascarpone cream, vanilla bean ice, Olivia’s waffles 12
Cinnamon RollWhipped vanilla crème franche frosting, cinnamon sugar, candied almond flakes, chocolate sauce, honey, vanilla bean ice cream, Olivia’s waffles 12
Snorlax Berry compote, savoury bacon pieces, sliced bananas, homemade peanut butter sauce, honey, vanilla bean ice cream, Olivia’s waffles 12
Rock & RollaFresh berries & strawberries, strawberry sauce, surprise candy, vanilla bean ice cream, Olivia’s waffles 12
Cakes & Pastries
Sticky Date CakeTasty textured cake with warm homemade butterscotch sauce and vanilla bean ice cream 12
Passion CheesecakeNot your everyday cheesecake. Creamy white chocolate body with a jelly-like passion-fruit glaze 8.5
Olivia’s CarrotFresh from the oven daily. Layered with cream cheese, handmade from scratch to plate (made with sugar, spice & everything nice) 7.5
Please refer to cake display for more.


Espresso / Short Macchiato / Piccolo Latte 3.5
Double Espresso / Long Macchiato 4
Long Black / Cappuccino / Café Latte 5
Flat White / Café Mocha 5
Cold Brew / Slow Brew 6
Hot Chocolate with Marshmallows 6
Chai Latte 6.5
Iced Latte / Iced Americano / Iced Mocha 6
Iced Drinks with Vanilla Bean Ice CreamChocolate / Caramel / Mocha / Latte 7
Babycino 1
Extra Espresso Shot / Decaf / Soy Milk 1.5
Large / Larger 1.5
Hot Teas by the PotFrench Earl GreyJapanese GenmaichaKashmiri ChaiGreen LemonForest Fruits Earl GreyEnglish Brekky 6
Iced TeasLemon Iced TeaOrangeadeBerries of the Forest 6.5
Classic ShakesVanilla / Chocolate / Banana / Strawberry 7
NutmareCrushed peanuts, Oreo, KitKat, caramel sauce, vanilla bean ice cream, whipped cream topped with chocoholics 9.5
BBmFluffy candy floss, colourful 100s & 1000s sprinkles, strawberry wafers, sizzling surprise candy 9.5
Honeycomb HoneyFresh honey, salted caramel popcorn, Pocky stick, vanilla bean ice cream 9.5
Mac AttackMacarons, vanilla bean ice cream, bubblegum syrup, bubble pop and whipped cream 9.5
LushaliciousFresh strawberries, fresh vanilla, sizzling surprise candy, strawberry purée and toasted marshmallows 9.5
Malted MashedMaltesers, vanilla bean ice cream, crushed honeycomb and chocolate 9.5
Soda Pops
Ginger BeerElectrifying, authentic ginger; sour, succulent lemons and sultry, cinnamon spice combine for an elixir so enchanting 7
Smoked ColaWe muddled the finest Madagascan vanilla pods, nutmeg nuts and cinnamon quills to bring you a cola worthy of any dusty lab, then we smoked it 7
Lemon SquashMake love, make art, make amends - make a tonne of margaritas. But above all make sure you make life regret giving you lemons at all 7
Blood Orange & ChilliA sublime mouthgasm of Italian Blood Orange infused with the fiery whisper of red chilli. A drink that lets you feel again 7
Mango MojoMango purée, banana, yoghurt, mango juice, vanilla powder, granola, ice 7.5
Bucks FizzLemon, mango, banana, vanilla, yoghurt, orange, ice 7.5
Going BananasBanana, banana, banana, vanilla, yoghurt, oats, ice 7.5
Funky ChocoRaw cocoa, mango, banana, vanilla, yoghurt, oats, orange, ice 7.5
Fresh Juice
Protein PunchCoconut, mango, coconut oil, vanilla protein, pea protein, roasted coconut, linseed 7.5
Go Nuts!Oatmeal milk, strawberries, peanut butter, roasted coconut, vanilla protein 7.5
Beet ChockBeetroot, coconut water, orange, mango, raspberry, coconut oil, vanilla protein, cocoa 7.5
C++Apple, carrot, orange, strawberry purée, ginger, rosewater, honey, turmeric 7.5
Nuts About YouCashew nuts, banana, oatmeal milk, strawberries, roasted coconut, cardamom, berry sauce 7.5
Freshly Squeezed JuicesOrange / Apple / Carrot 6.5
Boost Shotsbeetroot / Ginger (with a touch of lemon) 2
Voss Norwegian Still 5 (375ml)
8.5 (875ml)
Voss Sparkling Mineral Water 5 (375ml)
8.5 (875ml)
SPARKLINGProsecco - Zardetto - Extra Dry Glera, Veneto, NV (Italy) Straw yellow, pale though brilliant, enlivened by its perlage. Apple, pear notes with hints of lemon with foral perfumes. Smooth & lively at the same time due to its good freshness 9 (gls)
35 (btl)
SWEETMoscato d’Asti - Perlino - DOCG 2014 (Italy) With a straw yellow tinge and a golden shade, fine perlage. Intense, fruity with a hint of apricot notes. Its CO2 bubbles perfectly counter- balances the vein of sweetness 8 (gls)
32 (btl)
REDShiraz - Arlequin - Barossa Valley, 2013 (Australia) Deep ruby red color bouquet charming hints of raspberries & blackberries palate, warm, pleasant & well balanced with notes of crushed small red berries and a smooth aftertaste 9 (gls)
35 (btl)
Malbec - Tomero - Mendoza, 2014 (Argentina)Medium purple, though red with a dark core. On the nose it shows spices & black fruit aromas. More with a peppery & spicy side. Quite warm & balanced with pulpy tannins, good acidity and long finish 11 (gls)
40 (btl)
WHITEPinot Grigio - Franz Haas - Kris Veneto 2014 (Italy) Pale yellow in color with brilliant greenish refections. Enticing aromas of acacia fowers, citrus, tangerine, and hints of apricots & almonds. Kris is lean & refreshing on the palate with hints of blossom and honey 9.5 (gls)
40 (btl)
Sauvignon Blanc - Wild Rock - 2015 (New Zealand)Pale straw yellow streaked with green hues. Impressive aromatics of red currant, lime, passion-fruit and fresh herbs. Balanced with lovely fresh acidity, hint of peach & fresh apple in the aftertaste 11 (gls)
42 (btl)
Craft Beer
Bridge Road Golden AlePerfect Australian craft beer. Light malt characters combined with subtle late and dry hop additions result in a classic Golden Ale 9
Bridge Road Bling IPAIt is an IPA that screams hops and malt but still keeps balance in mind. Try matching this beer it with anything spicy or enjoy this malt and hop mouth full on its own 10
Brewdog Punk IPATropical fruit and an all-out riot of grapefruit, pineapple and lychee before a spiky bitter finish, this is transatlantic fusion running at the fences of lost empires 9
EstrellaBright yellow beer which comes from a selection of malts and hops that are particularly bitter. Its cooking, fermenting and maturing process takes 20 days and gives this beer a pleasant and characteristic taste of hops 7.5
Royal Jamaican Ginger BeerJamaican recipe creates a unique, crisp, refreshing, full bodied ginger taste 8
The World Is Our Home.

The Coffee Effect
A yawn is a silent scream for coffee.

White Chocolate... Chocolate?
Guess what? White chocolate is not real chocolate! Real chocolate needs to contain cocoa solids or cocoa liquor; White chocolate however, is made of cocoa butter.

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